From board assembly (wire cutting, stripping, crimping, tinning) to integration into final housing, SADITEC masters the full process. We also perform more sophisticated wiring : cabinets, racks, test rigs.


We also master surface mount devices. We have highly efficient, high performance machines capable of producing large volumes in a short time. Thereby we produce prototypes, small, medium and larges series. Our know-how and our equipment allow us the best production rate as well as the capability to deal with urgent requests.


Only highly competent technicians can intervenes in traditional wiring. Thanks to their know-how, their willingness and precision, we can perform :

  • Heat curing of boards and active components
  • Components bending by machine
  • Push-through components manual mounting
  • Reflow soldering or soldering iron

Examples of delivered services

Leveraging on its expertise, SADITEC has delivered services for large accounts according to their needs.

Here are a few services performed by SADITEC:

  • Series production of equipment for automation of subways
  • Electronics boards production
  • Electronic boards production and wiring of housing allowing the analysis of gases in the stratosphere
  • DOF antenna prototype (Paris subway line 4), series production of complex electronic boards
  • Wire bonding